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General Info: Sozopol definitely deserves to be called the Romantic Resort of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The town is beautifully situated at a small rocky peninsula in the Southern part of the Bourgas Bay and is located only 32 km from the sea city and 410 km from the capital city of Sofia.
Today Sozopol is a popular beach resort, famous for its nice sandy beaches, distinctive 19th-century stone and wood houses, and its romantic harbour.

Beaches: Sozopol has two beaches- the Central Beach, situated in the Old Town and the “Harmani” Beach in the new part of Sozopol. In very close vicinity a couple of camping sites are situated. The “Golden Fish”, the “Garden”, “Kavacite” and "Smokini" (the “Figs”) camping sites have wide and quiet beaches, and the sea water is so pure, that you can see the colour of the shells at the sea bottom.

What to do: The most interesting attraction of the resort is the old town with its interesting old-style wooden houses (some of them are national monuments). The old houses and the great variety of restaurants perched on the top of the rocks by the sea create a specific atmosphere of love, romance and relax in the air. The seaside street is called “Sea Rocks” and is checkered with attractive traditional and sea food restaurants, whose summer terraces peep curiously over the sea.
The most impressive parts from the Old Town are the ruins from the Old Church and the wall, which used to protect Apollonia back in the past. The walls are found in the Old Town, at Apollonia Street and attract many tourists from all over the world.

Apollonia used to be the ancient name of Sozopol, which was given to the town in honour of the god Apollo. Nowadays Apollonia inspires the popular Apollonia Festival of Arts, which is organized from September, 1st to September, 10th each year. The festival takes place at the Cultural Centre of Sozopol, the Archaeological Museum, the Art Gallery and the Apollonia Amphitheatre and presents tons of music, interesting theatre performances, art and photo exhibitions, literary nights, summer cinema movies and different workshops.

Wine & Dine: The most popular restaurant in Sozopol is the “Wind-Mill” (Melnitsata), which represents a traditional Bulgarian mehana style. An old wooden carriage and a wind-mill stand at the entrance of the restaurant and attract the tourists to enter and take pictures with the friendly stuff, dressed in traditional Bulgarian costumes. Other good restaurants are "the Mermaid", "At Neptune", "The Wall" and "By the Rocks", where you will be served fresh and delicious sea food, as well as a variety of Bulgarian dishes, including special grilled meat, shopska salad, pumpkins with yoghourt, Bulgarian “rakia” drink and a wide choice of wines.

Fun & Entertainment: There are very good beach bars and places for entertainment in Sozopol. Mishelle Jazz Club in the Old Town, Tequila Bar at the sea port and Adam & Eva Beach bar are a must. A variety of exotic cocktails, strong drinks and friendly atmosphere will make you remember those moments forever.

Transport to the resort: Many public buses go from Bourgas and the neighbor resorts to Sozopol. The easiest way is to catch a bus from the Bourgas central railway station or the bus station.
If you are coming by car from the city of Bourgas take the road going to the south and the resorts of Chernomorets, Primorsko, Kiten. The distance from Bourgas is 34 km and road is very good. Follow the signs to Sozopol. Reaching the town turn right for the New town and left for the Old town.

Photos from Sozopol


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