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New Ski Slope in Srebarna

Sofia News Agency

A dirt road near Sreberna in northeastern Bulgaria, has been converted into a beginner ski slope.

The idea for the facility occurred to Georgi Ivanov, Mayor of Srebarna.

"I want tourists to come to Sreberna in winter too, and there are many people who travel long distances to practice the sport," Ivanov said, as cited by Radio Shumen.

The northeastern village is popular for the Srebarna Nature Reserve situated in its vicinity.

The nature reserve comprises Lake Srebarna and its surroundings and is located on the the Via Pontica, a bird migration route between Europe and Africa.

"People embraced the idea with enthusiasm," the Ivanov told journalists.

The initial cost of clearing 980 meters of an unused dirt road was BGN 5000, but Srebarna's Mayor plans to expand the ski run and to install a ski lift.



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