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Archaeologists discovered unique mosaic in Stara Zagora


Unique mosaic was discovered by archaeologists in Stara Zagora cit in Bulgaria.
The mosaic depicts the three figures of Bacchus and two bacchantes, all companions form the suite of God Dionysus, and is an unique finding for Bulgaria. It is believed that the mosaic dates back to the III rd century AC.

"The complicated shapes of dancing women are a proof of the great mastership of the artists who created it," said Dimitar Yankov, head of the excavation works and chief curator of the Regional Historical Museum in Stara Zagora.

Archaeologists believe that the building was a temple of Dionysus. It is located 30 meters from one of the walls of Augusta Traiana. The Mosaic will be exhibited in the Ancient street in the museum in Stara Zagora.



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