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Location: Stara Zagora is easy accessible along a first class highway 230 km southeast of Sofia. Further 190 kilometers to the west is the world wide famous beach resort Bourgas.
Stara Zagora is also known as the city of lime- trees, artists, poets and Zagorka beer.

History: The crossroad location of the region determines the rich history of the town, going back to ancient times.
Two Neolithic dwellings were found and preserved right in the heart of the city. Scientists consider that their history dates back from the 6th millennium BC. The older copper ore mines in Europe are found in close vicinity to the city. The settlement built by the Thracians carried the name Beroe. About 107 AD, Emperor Trayan founded the town Ulpia Augusta Trayana not far from Beroe.
Over the years the town suffered from numerous invasions.
The town became part of Bulgaria after Khan Krum conquered it in 812 and its old name Beroe was resorted. During the middle Ages the towns name was encountered as Vereya and Borui (probably derivative of the Old Bulgarian word borou meaning fortress). Some of the most significant archeological monuments in the town are from the 11th- 12th century when it was under Byzantine rule.
The town was than conquered by the Turks and was called Eski Hissar, and later Eski Zagra.

During the National revival period the city became a majour economic centre. The local citizens took active part in the national educational and liberation movement.
The city bears its present name Stara Zagora since 1871.
During the Russo- Turkish liberation war the city was burned down to the ground during the first majour crash between the two warring parties.
After the liberation the city was restored again and became cultural, economic and administrative centre. Planned and built anew it became the first postliberation town of modern urban planning.

Places to Visit: Bereketska Mound (next to Kolyo Ganchev residential part) is the biggest prehistoric settlement in Bulgaria. It is 17 meters high with 250 m diameter at the base.
The two neolith dwellings from the 6th millennium BC right next to the District Hospital. They are considered to be the best preserved dwellings from that period in whole Europe. We highly recommend you a visit with a guide lecture.

Augusta Trayana – Vereya ruins are right in the heart of the city and have been declared an architectural reserve.
The ancient forum from the 2nd- 4th centuries is a remarkable monument standing there since roman times is in the centre of the city.
The late antiquity floor mosaic from the 4th century is among the best models of Roman art and technique of that time. It has been exposed in the Post office building hall.
The museum of history houses valuable collections of prehistoric pottery and religious sculptor, ancient glass and bronze.

The defenders of Stara Zagora 1877 Memorial Complex is a 50 meter high monument erected in 1977 on the historic Chadur Mound in commemoration of the centenary of the furious fights that took place in the region when the Bulgarian volunteers of the Samara battle received their baptism in the battle.

The Ayazmo (Spring) Park is situated in the northern part of the city. It is a veritable botanic garden. Numerous three species from all over the world were planted in the park to transform it to a magnificent site for walks, sports and recreation. Several sport fields can be found in the park. On the upper hill of the Ayazmo Park visitors can stop by a small zoo with different animal species.

Stara Zagora has a lot to offer all year round.
Tourists have the chance to choose from many entertaining amusements during their stay in the city. Many small hotels of different style and category are available at guest disposal. Please check out hotel selection if you want to book a hotel in Stara Zagora.

Wine and Dine: You will find a great choice of good quality restaurants and pubs in the city. The night life in Stara Zagora is fabulous. Numerous nigh clubs offer entertainment for everyone. As a big university centre the city is full of young people who are ready to party all night long.

Enjoy unforgettable stay in Stara Zagora!

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