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Starozagorski Baths

Location: Stara Zagora Mineral Baths is situated 15 km northwest of Stara Zagora city and 240 km away from Sofia. It is located in the southern part of the Sredna Gora Mountains, 360 m above sea level. The area is covered by oak, hornbeam, hazel and ambuscade pine forests.

History: Stara Zagora Mineral Baths was an ancient Tracian settlement. It bacame famous during Roman times. Remains from Roman baths (2nd century), built for the needs of the citizens of Augusta Trayana, can be seen in the village.

Mineral water information: The mineral water in the region reaches 42°C. It is weakly mineralized with hydro-carbonate, sodium, silicon and magnesium, neutral reaction. It is suitable for both spa procedures and medical treatment. The warm spring gives an opportunity for year-round medical treatment, preventive maintenance and restoration.

Tourism: The SPA and Wellness resort offers several hotels of different standard and category, suitable for holidaymaking and relaxation. The close vicinity of Stara Zagora city transforms the small resort into an attractive destination for tourists of all ages, because of the nosy nightlife and numerous entertainments in the region.
Numerous walking trails offer perfect conditions for active holiday in the resort. Several marked paths in the Surnena Sredna Gora Mountains offer picturesque scenery for nature lovers.

Photos from Starozagorski Baths


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