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2011/05/28 10:53:15

Sunny Beach introduces SMS parking fees

The biggest Black Sea resort of Sunny Beach announced the introduction of parking SMS fees just as the high summer season is about to kick off.

As of May 30, all who want to pay their parking fees in a hassle-free way have to send a text message to number 135544 for subscribers of the three mobile operators Mtel, Globul and Vivacom.

After sending the SMS, the person gets a reply that the payment was successful. Five minutes before the pre-paid hour elapses, the subscriber receives a...

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A helicopter ride is the newest attraction in Sunny Beach

Now that the summer season is in its peak moment Nessebar and Sunny Beach resorts offer numerous attractions and entertainment facilities.
The hottest attraction this year is a helicopter flight over the bay. Our representatives in the resorts informed us that a 7 minute ride in the sky cost around 140 Euro, and ten minutes are 170 Euro.

Another interesting entertainment is the so called “Cosmic flower”, which exercisers your fingers.

The train that carries tourists from Nessebar to...

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Aerodium at Sunny Beach attracts thrill-seekers

Are you ready to fly? Bulgaria's first AERODIUM already operates at Sunny Beach resort!

AERODIUM is a device, that generates a vertical wind tunnel where you can experience body-flight and skydiving in an open air environment.

The device breaks gravity rules and propels thrill-seekers by an air stream with a speed of 195 km/ h, up to 10 metres into the air.

For the first time this year on June 1st Aerodium opened doors at the Bulgarian Black Sea resort Sunny Beach.

It operates...

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Bulgaria attracts tourists form the Balkan countries

Bulgaria attracts tourists form Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Romania with attractive prices and excellent service.

The Greek tourists are a real surprise for the start of the new summer season in Sunny Beach, announced Elena Ivanova, head of the Alliance of the owners of hotels and complexes in the resort.

The early bookings for the present year mark a slight rise, compared to the previous year and the mangers of the complex expect a good summer season.

The hoteliers found the right...

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Sunny weather and hot beach emotions

The Black Sea coast in Bulgaria is sunny, air temperatures reaching to 31-33C, seawater temperatures, 26-27C.

Record high temperatures are expected for the next weeks. We highly recommend everyone to drink plenty of fluids (such as water and sports drinks), but avoid alcohol, caffeine, and tea which may lead to dehydration. Make sure, that you wear hats and light-colored, lightweight, loose clothes.

The hot weather promises lots of excitements on the beach. Grab your bathing suite and...

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Sunny Beach welcomes the first tourists in April

The first tourists to visit Sunny Beach this summer will arrive by the end of April.

Most of them will arrive form the Scandinavian countries and will stay in four and five star hotels. Tourists from Denmark and Italy confirmed holiday in Nessebar, St. Vlas and Sozopol.

According to official data 8 700 000 tourists visited Bulgaria last year.

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Summer 2009: Early booking offers

Do you dream of the shiny summer sun rays caressing your shoulders, while the glistering waters of the Black sea gently tickle your bare feet on a hot late afternoon? Do you like to play in the sand, building castles or leaving love letters to your beloved? How about a crazy, noisy, long party night under the stars?

We have just started our early booking program for beach holidays in Bulgaria. Check out our hottest offers for Summer 2009. VisitBulgaria.NET presents some of the best holiday...

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September will be a strong tourism month for the Black sea tourism

September seems to be a strong tourism month for the tourism in Sunny Beach, stated the head of the Board of Managers, Ms Elena Ivanova. According to her the main reason is that most of the German tourists prefer to rest by the beginning or by the end of the season. The biggest number of German tourists in the resort is registered for the months June and September.
Most of the hotels in the resort are fully booked until the end of September.
According to Ms Elena Ivanova this year the number...

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Lower Rates and Packages at the Black Sea for the Summer Season

The summer season in Bulgaria is at its heights now. The sea water is warm and the weather through August is expected to be hot and sunny - perfect for relaxing beach vacations.

The hotels and the apartment complexes this year have special promotional rates even for the high season. You can be surprised by the great variety of places you can stay at, at reasonable prices. Just have a look below and pick up the resort and the hotel you wish to book!

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Sunny Beach Web Cam for Weather and Tourist Info

The weather in Bulgaria is hot and sunny now.
The water temperature is perfect for sea baths.
Bars and restaurants are open and the hotels have already been welcoming tourists all over the Black Sea.
The largest Black Sea resort of Sunny Beach is happy to welcome you again!

To ensure a nice holiday vacation in Sunny Beach, please make sure you always check out Sunny Beach webcam. With the web camera you would be able to follow in real time any events taking place at the resort....

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