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Aerodium at Sunny Beach attracts thrill-seekers

Lyudmila Racheva, VisitBulgaria.net

Are you ready to fly? Bulgaria's first AERODIUM already operates at Sunny Beach resort!

AERODIUM is a device, that generates a vertical wind tunnel where you can experience body-flight and skydiving in an open air environment.

The device breaks gravity rules and propels thrill-seekers by an air stream with a speed of 195 km/ h, up to 10 metres into the air.

For the first time this year on June 1st Aerodium opened doors at the Bulgarian Black Sea resort Sunny Beach.

It operates every day from 4 pm to 12 am, from June 1st to September 30th 2010. The location of the device is next to the carting speedway on the main road Burgas-Varna.

AERODIUM will give you the opportunity to feel unforgettable emotions of flying, without having to be a professional parachutist or pilot. It is appropriate both for sport and fun.



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