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Casino “Star Princess” officially opened doors in Svilengrad

information by HoReMag magazine

The Turkish businessman Sudi Ozkan researches the property market in the region. He made that announcement on the official opening of Casino “Star Princess”, which is the second casino from the “Princess” chain in the town and the fifth in Bulgaria.
Sudi Ozkan announced that he had so far invested over 100 million USD in hotels and casinos all over Bulgaria.
Ozkan plans to build a brand new business hotel in Svinegrad. The construction works will start by the end of the year. The businessmen stated that he prefers to invest in sites closer to Turkey, as he mainly relies on Turkish tourists, especially when it comes to gambling.

Other hotels and casino from the "Princess" chain:

Sofia Princess Hotel in Sofia;

Dedeman Trimontium Princess Hotel in Plovdiv;



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