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Location: Svilengrad is situated along the riverside of Maritsa river in close vicinity to the site where the boundaries of Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece get together. It is 300 hundred km away southeast from Sofia. Svilengrad is one of the most important border towns in Bulgaria.

History: There was Thracian settlement in the region during the ancient times. Lately it became Roman and Byzantine fortress, which guarded the way to Constantinople. The contemporary town was founded after the Turkish invasion. It was built around the “Mustafa pasha” bridge. The town was a famous silkworms breeding centre and its name comes from the Turkish word “svila” which means silk. But the name Svilengrad was officially accepted after the Second Balkan War in 1913, when the town was finally included in Bulgarian state.

Sightseeing: “Mustafa pasha” bridge is situated in the town. It was built in 1529 and it is 300 m long and 6 m wide and it has 20 arches. The bridge is one of the most beautiful buildings of its age. Mezek village is situated 7 km away from Svilengrad. There are a lot of Thracian mounds in the region and one of them is a treasure mound where the scientist found many interesting finds. The ruins of the medieval fortress Neutzikon are razing above the village. This is one of the best preserved medieval buildings in Bulgaria. The frontier post Kapitan Andreevo at the Bulgarian – Turkish boundary is 14 km away from the town.

The town is famous with its clubs, casinos and rich nightlife, which is full of unforgettable experiences.

Photos from Svilengrad


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