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Location: Svishtov is situated on the bank of the Danube River, 250 km northeast of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The city is protected by a small mountain, which defines the soft climate in the region all year round. Several mineral springs are situated in close vicinity to Svishtov.

History: Svishtov emerges in the place of the roman and early Byzantium, strongly fortified port centre- Nove. During the medieval period the town was known by the name Staklen, later it was called Sidtovo, which is a transcription of Svishtov. The name comes from the word “svesht” (candle), because during the first centuries of the ottoman rule several cottages lighted the ways of the river boats. The present town was formed around the same cottages.

During the Revival period, Svishtov becomes a port and trade centre and a starting point of the goods towards the inner parts of the Ottoman Empire. The economic development influences the cultural life in the town. Schools were constructed, together with churches and many residential houses. Many revival figures worked here. Svishtov is the first town liberated by the ottoman Rule by the end of July 1877.

Landmarks: Svishtov and its vicinities were inhabited during different epochs from different civilizations until present days, and more than 120 archeological, art and architectural monuments are left until present days. The towns’ historical museum is considered one of the oldest in Bulgaria and exposes numerous exponents. The ethnographic museum will tell you interesting facts of the local lifestyle and customs. Another sightseeing is the house museum of Aleko Konstantinov, the churches “St. Dimitar”- 1640, “St. St. Peter and Paul” 1644, “st. Trinity” – 1876, the Clock tower – 1760. The numerous Revival houses are also interesting sites for visitors.

Vicinities: Just 4 kilometers east of the town in the Tekirdere site, where the Russiona- Turkish, liberation war started, a huge memorial monument “The Monuments” was erected. The Kaleto site, where the remains of the ancient town Nove and the medieval Staklen, together with the site “Pisani kamani” (drawing stones) are situated nearby the town. 10km away from Svishtov is the third largest Bulgarian isle on the Danube River – Vardam, which is a natural reserve.
Svishtov is a university centre and during most of the year it is full of young people.
Svishtov is a well developed tourism centre and offer numerous hotels and cosy restaurants, offering tempting dishes. The town is connected with the republican railway and road net. The Danube River is a natural navigable channel.

Photos from Svishtov


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