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A Tourism Association in Targovishte will Develop a City Tour

The tourism association “Targovishte” will organize the initiative “City tour” - a sightseeing tour to all tourism sites in Targovishte.

The initiative “City Tour” will take place during the Spring Fair in the city. The fair in Targovishte will take place from 09 May – 15 May 2010 in the trade-industrial palace.

Touroperators, guests from the tourism information centres from all over Bulgaria and representatives of the miunicipal administration will attend the tour.

The association...

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Archaeologists Discover Ancient Dionysus Sanctuary

This summer archaeologists discovered a well-preserved altar from a large sanctuary near the town of Opaka, northeastern Bulgaria. The altar is decorated with images of grapes and wine vessels, which, to experts, means that it belonged to a temple to Dionysus. It was used by the local priestesses to perform the wine-fire ritual and predict the future. The pieces of the stone altar have already been arranged in an exposition in the museum of the district centre - Targovishte. Archaeologist Angel...

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