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Location: Teteven Municipal is situated in Lovech region. It is quietly nestling at the foot of the Teteven Balkan Mountain, on the banks of the Beli Vit River. It is 116 km away from Sofia and 74 km southwest from Lovech.

History: Numerous archeological monuments prove that the region is inhabited ever since ancient times. Some of the most interesting archeological findings were discovered in the caves Morovitsa, Bayovitsa, Draganchovitsa.
Numerous cemetery tombs are preserved ever since Thracian times. According to indirect information the Thracian tribes that inhabited these lands were the serdi.
Other findings prove that a Roman village existed in the region. Traces of roman roads, bridges and watch – towers can be seen in the region.

Today’s outlook of Teteven was created during the second half of XI- th century.
Interesting sights that worth to be seen in Teteven are: the town’s history museum, the church “All Saints” and the little chapel nearby it, the monastery “St. Ilia” – build in the XIV- th century, the art gallery in the centre of the town, Glozhen monastry “St. George”, build in XIII – th century, during the rule of Ivan Asen II, the old houses – Bobevska, Yorgova, Hadji Ivanova house etc.

Natural sightseeings: “The valley of Teteven is enchanted, unbelievably beautiful!” – Felix Kanits

Teteven is one of the most picturesque Bulgarian towns. The nature in the vicinities of the town is miraculous and extremely various, with unique flora and fauna. Venerable forests, steep, sometimes even vertical cliffs, fragrant meadows, waterfalls and caves.
The biosphere reserve Tsarichina with great variety of over 600 plant species, some of which are listed in the Red book of Bulgaria, is also nearby situated. Beautiful tourism trails lead to the two nearby situated reserves – “Boatin” and “Kozya Stena”.
A real paradise for all ornithologists is the protected site “The Black Ridge”, where numerous birds can be observed. Koznitsa river makes pictersque waterfall, named "Skoka" 3 kilometres south of Teteven. There It is 30 metres high and there is ech path from Teteven to the waterfall.

Photos from Teteven


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