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Elhovo > Trekking Tour in Elhovo

Trekking Tour in Elhovo

Highlight“Dolna Topchia” preserve; the town of Elhovo; Thracian dolmens – the oldest Thracian Tombs; Thracian solar circles; Ethnographic and Archaeological museum in Elhovo.
Activitytrekking, walking, exploring the Thracean heritage and the nature in Elhovo area
Duration3 days/2 overnights
PricePrice per person: Price for party of min 4 persons - 77 Euro per person; For more than 4 persons - please send us an enquiry. The price include: Guided tours in the town of Elhovo, "Dolna Topchia" preserve, tracian dolmens, thracian suns; 2 overnights; 2 breakfasts; 2 dinners; 1 lunch (picnic); transport over the tourist sights in the area; entrance taxes for the museum in Elhovo.
SeasonMarch – November
DestinationElhovo – Golyam Dervent – Melnitsa – Elhovo
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Panichishte > Trip to the 7 Rila Lakes

Trip to the 7 Rila Lakes

HighlightA trip to the 7 Rila Lakes in the Rila mountain.
ActivityClimbing Mountain Plan with off-road program. Stop for tea and coffee with an amazing view of Sofia, Iskar Dam and Rila Mountains.
DurationOne day;
PricePrice: 131 € / person * Price includes: - Professional guide; - Jeep and fuel for the route, parking; - Communication between jeeps; - 1 lunch; - 1. Travel by cable car;
SeasonAll year round.
DestinationPanichishte, Dupntsitsa, Sofia
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