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Alpine meeting nearby Tran

Lyudmila Racheva, VisitBulgaria.NET

During the days around the national holiday between 21 and 24 may, the Alpine meeting “Transko Gorge” will be held for the fourth year in a row.

The gorge of the Erma river, also famous as Lomnishko, is located 4 km away from Tran town and is the biggest tourism attraction in the region, one of the100 National Tourism Sites. The rocks are rising at 150 – 200 m height and forms a picturesque canyon, with numerous rock climbing routes. Each year alpinists form all over Bulgaria meet by the rocks of the gorge. The start of the traditional alpine meeting was marked ever since the 60es of the past century, with the initiative of the Alpine club from Pernik. After 1990 the annual meetings have ceased, to be renewed in 2007 by Tako Mladenov – alpinist from Tran. During the past 2 years the number of participants have risen drasticly and they are now over 100.

The main goal of the meeting is to popularize Tran as a tourism and climbing destination, as well as exchange of skills and knowledge between alpinists from all generations and parts of Bulgaria. This year the event will meet guests form Macedonia and Serbia, which may be the first step towards the popularization of the event internationally.

As every year, the rocks will be cleared by dangerous stones, grass and shrubs. A medical team and technical assistance will be supplied to secure the zones for visitors.
New routes will be developed for those who managed to climb up everything until the present moment. The beginners will be able to use the services of professional instructors, who will present the first steps in the climbing.

Each registered participant will receive an award. Thus the organizers hope to eliminate the competitor's element and to preserve solely the pure pleasure from the climbing, the meetings and contacts.



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