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Green Dot Fair for Alternative Tourism in Bulgaria

Lyudmila Racheva, VisitBulgaria.net

The first edition of the Bulgarian National Fair “Green Dot” will be held from
June 30 - July 4, 2010 in the village of Oreshak near the town of Troyan in the Balkan Mountains.

The fair will take place in Oreshak National Exhibition Centre. The Exhibition Centre offers 9 exhibition halls with a total area of 4200 sq. m., a conference room (400 sq. m.) with 200 seats, coffee-bar and lobby.

The ”Green Dot” Fair will present such alternative forms of tourism and activities as:
- ecotourism;
- adventure & extreme sports (biking, horseback riding, snowshoeing, ski mountaineering, rafting, diving, caving, climbing);
- cultural tourism, rural tourism, religious tourism;
- tourism connected with wine, traditional cuisine, ethnography and traditional music and handicrafts;
- eco materials & technologies, eco agriculture & bio products;
- environmental protection, etc.

The event is organized by Prim Expo and supported by Troyan Municipality, The Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (BHRA), Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism (BAAT), etc.

The main goal of the event is the sustainable development of alternative forms of tourism at a regional and local level in order to preserve Bulgaria's natural, cultural and historical heritage.



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