Troyan Monastery

The third large monastery in Bulgaria is the “Assumption”. It is situated in Stara Planina Mountain 10 km away from town of Troyan on the bank of Cherni Osum river. The legend says that the monastery was found by a hermit monk in the beginning of the Ottoman slavery. He came in the mountain to be closer to God and built a small chapel. Later the local people built a church in honor of Virgin Mary at the same place.
The monastery was burned down many times, since it was built and the monks were killed by the Turks. In 1830 the priests procured some privileges for the monastery successfully and the prosperity of the temple started. The most significant monument of culture in the Troyan monastery is the “Assumption” church.
Troyan monastery like other monasteries in Bulgaria is centre of revolutionary in the 19th century. In the middle of the 18th century, a cell school was found in the monastery. Many important revival persons got their education here. The famous icon painter Zahari Zograf left the traces of his mastership in the monastery.



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