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Location: Tryavna is situated 440 metres above the sea level, in the Northern foothills of Tryavna Balkans, along the Dryanovska River. The town is located 245 away from Sofia and only 22 kilometres from Gabrovo and 17 from Dryanovo and Dryanovski Monastery.

Sightseeing: Tryavna is preferred place for rural and eco tourism, because of its nice natural sights, fresh mountain air and mild climate. The town is also favorable for cultural and historical sightseeing, thanks to the original architecture houses, the old preserved workshops and museum-houses. The unique Revival Period buildings and the narrow cobbled streets make Tryavna a remarkable monument of culture.

The impressive clock tower, the Slaveikov Street with its many house museums, Tryavna Art School and the Museum of Tryavna Icon Painting School are just some of the numerous landmarks, unique for the small, but picturesque town. Wood carved ceilings, rich in details balconies and house roofs, typical Tryavna corner windows, originally-styled fireplaces and old stone drinking fountains are just some of the great exquisite architecture style of the early 19th century in Tryavna.

Tryavna also hosts the Museum of Asian and African Art, which displays original items from Tibet, Nepal, China, and other interesting cultures. Unforgettable experience for the tourists of Tryavna is definitely the visit in the Museum of Tryavna Icon Painting School, where an exposition of 160 original icons by remarkable painters from the 17th- 19th century is displayed.

Every odd year on 26 and 27 of May “Days of Slaveikov” Fest is organized and many cultural events are held in the town.

Photos from Tryavna


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