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Strandja Natural Park offered hiking with professional guides

VisitBulgaria.net, 06 June 2011

Direction of Natural Park Strandja organized tour guide on the tourist route "In Search of the Golden Fleece" on 11, 18 and 25 of June.

The route is four hours and include one hour lunch break. The starting point is in the center of the Kondolovo village.

Hiking lovers can enjoy a seven hours circular route on 11 and 25 of June. It starts at the Information and Visitor Centre in Gramatikovo village and include one hour lunch break. Participants will learn more about the residents and the landmarks in Strandja mountain.

Natural Park Strandja will celebrate Yanovden on June, 24. Part of the activities are picking herbs in the meadows near Zvezdets village. Local people believe in the old belief that grasses, herbs and the waters become the greatest healing power in the night before Yanovden.



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