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General Info: Tsarevo is constructed on two picturesque peninsulas on the Black sea coast. It is 70 kilometers south-east direction of Bourgas. The town was destroyed by a huge fire in 1882 and than reconstructed again.
Today Tsarevo is amongst the most visited south Black sea resorts. The resort offers great hospitality, perfect service, lots of attractions and a rich market with fresh vegetables, locally grown. Very pleasant is an evening walk along the port over the pier, a walk in the town’s coast park or a walk to the bay where “Uspenie Bogorodichno” church is situated.

What to Do: The small and cozy resort offers a lot of entertainment, especially for families with kids.
There are numerous restaurants which offer Bulgarian national and international cuisine, fish delicacies and many other good choices of food.
The central beach of the town is small, but surrounded by picturesque trees from the town’s park.
Regattas, windsurf competitions, underwater hunt, etc. are organized habitually in the resort.

Vicinities: The vicinity of the town is checkered with green coastal sites, which have preserved its virgin beauty. You can even come across rare and plants under protection. Close to the town is Papia peak - the highest peak on Strandja elevation (502m).
Remains from an ancient fortress can be found on this green forestry peak.
Not far from Tsarevo are two of the most visited camp sites - Nestinarka and Arapia.

Photos from Tsarevo


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