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The Tall Ship Regatta in Varna Expects Over 200 000 Tourists in May

Kamelia Krumova, 19 April 2010, information by Dnevnik.bg

Varna expects over 250 000 tourists for the sailing regatta “Tall Ships Historical seas 2010” in May. This was announced by the head of the Municipal council – Borislav Gutsanov. Seven of the biggest ships in class “A” are expected to participate in the competition. More than 10 of the most attractive sailing ships will participate in the competition.

Several military ships will also participate in the event. According to Gutsanov, around 150 small yachts, will also participate in the event.

The concert stages, equipped with temporary parking lots will be contracted in Varna. 50 volunteers – mostly students will support the organization of the event.

The first stage of the regatta, which arrives in Varna for the first time is from the Greek harbor Volos. The second, which will start on 24th May is from Varna to Istanbul.

All teams will take place on the traditional parade in honour of the Day of the Slavic writing and culture.
The biggest attraction of the regatta, the so called “sail parade” will take place right before the start.



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