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Foreign tour operators to get acquainted with the medical and spa services in Bulgaria

Kamelia Krumova

The first edition of the Medical tourism Fair which will be held in Varna will discuss opinions for patience mobility and the possibility for foreign patients to receive medical services in Bulgaria

The heads of major western tour operator companies will be invited to see the options, which can be provided in Bulgaria. The even will be held on 08 and 09 October 2010 in Grand Hotel Varna.

The event will be accompanied by the first of its kind conference, which will focus on the new tendencies in the sector. Lecturers from European institutions for medical tourism and health services abroad. Its main goal is to focus the attention on the different directives of the European Union, which encourage the member countries to develop the medical tourism.

The mission of the nongovernmental organizations is to popularize Bulgaria, as one of the good places for the development of medical tourism. The statistics show, that the medical services in Bulgaria are almost 60% cheaper, than in other countries. The lack of adequate advertizement, however is one of the main obstacles for the industry.



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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net