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International Theatre Festival “Varna Summer”

VisitBulgaria.net, 04 May 2011

Information by the International Theatre Festival

International Theatre Festival “Varna Summer” is the biggest international theatre event in Bulgaria. It is held every year between 1st- 12th June in Varna city in the festivals' framework "Varna Summer". It aims to present the main trends in the Bulgarian and international scenic practice and to provoke intercultural dialogue, exchange and market. The programme is created as a mosaic of modules. The Bulgarian selection keeps focus on the local theatre developments and features the best productions from the current season. The international programme presents cutting-edge and innovative processes in theatre, contemporary dance and performance. The festival atmosphere is intensified by various parallel events such as concerts, workshops, exhibitions, meetings and discussions.

The scope of ITF “Varna summer” is continually expanding. Since 2007 in partnership with Sofia Municipality the festival has been showing performances from the international programme in the capital city of Sofia as well. The festival also aims to incorporate Bulgarian theatre production in the international market. Since 2008 in collaboration with Art Office Foundation it has been initiating a Bulgarian Showcase for innovative and mobile productions addressed not only to the general audience but also to specially invited selectionists and managers of international festivals and organizations.

International Theatre Festival “Varna Summer” is organized by ITF Varna Summer Foundation and co-organized by Bulgarian Theatre Association, Varna Municipality and Ministry of Culture. Its is hosted by Drama Theatre – Varna, State Puppet Theatre – Varna, City Art Gallery, Festival and Congress Centre, Archaeological Museum etc.

The Bulgarian program includes the following
1. Carnaval.com, by Jordi Galceran, director Vasilena Radeva – 02 June 2011 (Second stage);
2. The winter's tale – by William Shakespeare – adaptation and staging Margarita Mladenova – 04 June 2011 (main stage) – 06.30 PM.
3. Bulgarian Short Stories – based on short stories by Angel Karaliichev, folk stories and legends stage version set design and staging Marius Kurkinski – 05 June 2011 (Main stage);
4. The open couple – by Dario Fo and Franca Rame, director Marius Kurkinski – 06 June 2011(Second Stage);
5. Under Control – by Frederic Sonntag, director Mladen Alexiev – 08 June 2011 (Second stage) – 07.30 PM;

International Programme:
1. Express Flight Club – artistic direction post theater (New York/ Belin/Tokyo) – performers Samuel Finzi and 30 anonymous performers (performed in both Bulgarian and English) – puppet Theatre – 03 June – 4.20 PM, 5.30 PM, 6.30 PM, 7.30 PM
2. Stereoscopic Trilogy – 3D video installations – Varna Museum of Archaeology – 01 June 2011; 04 Juen 2011 – 7.00 PM;
3. SKIA – hyperactive installation – single person project realization by Andreas.muk. Haider;
4. Collection Movies/ Dance – Varna Radio – 04 June 2011;
5. Consider the Lobster by David Foster Wallace, director Ivan Pantaleev – Second stage 05 June 2011 – 07.45 PM;
6. Rankefod – choreography/ dance Kitt Johnson;
7. Contigo – a show by Joa Paulo Dos Santos and Rui Hotta, interpreted by Joao Paulo Dos Santos – Varna Museum of Archaeology – 07 June 2011 – 09.00 PM;
8. The Avalanche by Tuncer Cucenoglu, director Radu Afrim – 09 June 2011 – 08.00 PM;
9. Life is a fream (closing) by Pedro Calderon de la Barca, Staging Galin Stoev – Second stage 12 June 2011 – 07.00;



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