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Varshets spa resort marked 160 year anniversary

Kamelia Krumova

Varshets marks 160 year anniversary of its official announcement as a spa resort, 60 years of its announcement as a spa resort of national significance and 100 years anniversary of the contraction of the first national mineral bath in Bulgaria.

A festive ceremony will mark the three anniversaries in the resort.

Before 1989 the resort used to welcome 130 000 tourists each year. Nowadays it welcomes just 22000 guests per year.
According to the representatives of the local tourism business, the government and the local business should work to improve the infrastructure of the region in order to develop the town into a national resort.

The municipality plans to invest in the rehabilitation of the local park zone.

The head of the Bulgarian Hotelier and restauranteur association, Mr. Blagoy Ragin proposed the organization of a regional meeting of representatives of the government, the municipalities and the business in north-western Bulgaria. The tourism industry aims to offer the contraction of a tunnel, which will shorten the road between Sofia and Varshets with up to 50 km. The association also aims to present the north-western part of Bulgaria as an united tourism destination.



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