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Location: Varshets is situated in very close vicinity to the Berkovski Mountain range, at about 100 km from Sofia and 60 km from Vratsa.
The resort is located in the valley of the Botuna River, in the thick forests of the skirts of the north slopes of western Stara Planina, at the foot of the incredible mountain range “Koznitsa”.
It is just 12 km away from the famous “Todorini kukli” peak (1785m).
It is the biggest balneological centre of North-Eastern Bulgaria. Nestled in a small valley at the foot of Stara Planina mountain range and Vratsa Balkan, it is a picturesque and nice resort to have your spa holiday in. The climate in the resort is moderate continental, with cool summer and soft winter.

History: The Thracian boy god – Telesfor, whose bronze statue was discovered in the region is now a symbol form the town. The history of the town starts form the late antiquity, known as “Medeka”. The oldest written document, which mentions the name of the town dates back from the 6th century in the Bysantium chronicles.

The name of the town is also mentioned in Turkish documents from the 16th century, under the name “Voroshniche.

Interesting Facts: The birth year of the resort is considered as 1850, when Dimirat Luchkov as held with the mineral water in the resort.
The first bath in the settlement was build in 1910. In 1930 a second public bath was build in the town to supply the increasing demand. The famous Bansko Casino was build in the town during that period. It is known as the first casino in Bulgaria.
The resort is situated on 380 metres above the sea level over a huge massif, preserving great quantity of hot mineral water. The high mountain chains protect it from the cold winds and temperature amplitudes and the air is fresh and pleasant.

Balneology resourses: Varshets is a great site for relax, combining healthy moderate-continental climate and healing mineral water. The summer is cool and the winter soft and windless, the days are clear and sunny. The natural deciduous forests in the municipal is over one hundred decares. The town is known as one of the greenest and ecology clean in the whole country.

The mineral water (hydro-carbonate-sulfate-sodium) is taken from 6 springs and drilling, it has an avarage temperature of 37 degrees and is pure, with no colour and pleasant drinking. Its high healing qualities are due to the pleasant natural temperature, valuable chemical contents, alkaline reaction and slight mineralization.

The resort is suitable for healing and prophylaxis of diseases of the nervous system, the heart and blood vessels, the locomotion apparatus and etc. The active holiday in the resort has a proven effect over the neuroses and the diseases of our time.

The green wreath of the Balkan, the fir three park, the aroma of the thousand roses, the coolness of the air, the soft greenery of the green fields calm the nervous system, relief the pressure and tension and recover the normal blood pressure of the organism.

Natural resourses: The vicinities of the town offer great opportunity for relax and tourism. The closest and easy accessible site is called “Vodopada”, the waterfall and is just 3 km away from the centre of Varshets. The road to it passes through walnut threes and fir threes.
All mountain lovers can try to climb “Todorini kukli” peak, which is 1785 m above the sea level. It is one of the highest parts of the Balkan mountain range. The route is marked with special tourist marks. The peals is also accessible for amateur enthusiasts with a mountain guide.

Festival and Events: Varshets hosts a festival “The mineral water and the Balkan” during the second week of August every year. This tradition was established in 1937. The contest miss Varshets was organized for the first time during the event.

Photos from Varshets


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