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The "Sound and light show" tuned 25


Three million visitors have viewed the spectacle until the present moment.

The unique audio-visual spectacle “Sound and light”, which is a special trade mark of Veliko Tarnovo municipal is turning 25. The attractive show tells of the most important moments from the Bulgarian history, through music and fine sound and light elements, enlivening the medieval fortress Tsarevets.

The spectacle has not more than 5-6 analogues in the world.

“Sound and light” is among the first attractions, inquired by tourists when visiting the old capital.
The maintenance of such equipment needs care and special preparation of a team of specialists. Eight people are taking care of the technical equipment daily.

Over 6 000 km cables are stretched on a total area of 100 decares. 2 400 projectors and six bells are included in the system. The spectacle can be shown all year round. The show is placed upon demand by tourists, to official guests of the town and during different holidays.



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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net

Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net