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Two brand new 5 star hotels will be constructed in Velingrad

Velingrad is expected to be officially announced as the SPA capital of the Balkan Peninsula, which was recognized on 17th December last year in Sarajevo.

Velingrad was then officially announced as the spa capital of the Balkans by the Balkan Alliance of the hotel Associations.

Velingrad offers unique nature and well developed tourism infrastructure, offering excellent services all year round.

80 mineral springs, 15 types of water, extremely interesting culture and history inheritance and natural resources, attract more than 500 thousand tourists annually in Velingrad. According to BHRA, Velingrad will offer two additional brand new five star hotels and 4 four star hotels by the end of the year.

Over 30% of the local population is employed in the tourism sector.

The head of the hotelier and restaurateur alliance in Velingrad – Mr. Zlatko Zlatanov, announced that there is a draft project for the construction of a charter airport nearby the resort.

VisitBulgaria.NET highly reccommends the following hotels in Velingrad:

Spa Hotel Dvoretsa

Bor Spa Club Hotel
Abeer Grand Hotel
Grand Hotel Velingrad
Kleptuza Hotel
Lucky Light Hotel
Velina Hotel

Aura Balneohotel



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