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Vidin News August, 2013

2013/08/30 20:13:53

Bungee jumps from Danube bridge 2, Vidin

Bungee jumps from the Danube bridge 2 will be available on September 01st, 2013. Everyone is invited to try an unforgettable jump right over the magnificent Danube river. The event is part of the program of the Vidin Fair and is organized by the Vidin municipality, Sport club “Vertical world” and the management team of the bridge.

The Vidin municipality has already regulated the route, which will allow access to the bridge. The participants should pass through the duty free zone Vidin, the...

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2013/08/28 22:50:15

Medieval festival "Budin" will be held in Vidin

The medieval fortress “Baba Vida” will host a historical festival on August 30 and 31. “MODVS VIVENDI” as well as Chigot will entertain guests and residents of Vidin. An open air museum, coinage, medieval drinks tasting, archery, fencing and other medieval games will be performed in during the event. Guests of the festival will be able to participate in the activities. A live concert will be performed by Erinay.

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