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Vidin News April, 2013

2013/04/22 14:46:51

500 tourists visited Baba Vida fortress during the weekend

500 guests visited Baba Vida fortress during the weekend, a reporter of Radio Focus - Vidin announced. On Saturday the number of visitors was over 300 people. 200 visits were reported on Sunday.
"On Saturday we received 5 groups - students, 2 groups of adults from Kavarna, a group of students from Sofia University and many other tourists," the curator of the historical site said.
"This year we started the season a little early - at the end of March, but so far the intensive flow of visitors...

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2013/04/11 22:25:46

The hall with prehistoric pictures in the Magura cave will be opened for visitors

Tourists will be able to observe prehistoric drawings in the hall with prehistoric drawings in the Magura cave.

The drawings, which number over 750, are located at 375 metres under the ground and, in order to preserve them, access to them has been limited. The images are multi-layered and date to various periods, from the Epipaleolithic, through to the Neolithic and Eneolithic, to the beginning of the early Bronze Age.
The drawings contain images of dancing female figures, dancing and...

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The 2nd bridge connecting Bulgaria and Romania to be launched in May

The second Danube Bridge connecting Bulgaria and Romania will be launched and operational in May at the earliest, according to Bulgarian Transport Minister Kristian Krastev.

Krastev told reporters that the bridge is yet to receive the so-called Act 15 and Act 16 certificates, which would confirm that the construction has been finished.

In February, officials stated that the so-called Danube Bridge 2 connecting Bulgaria's Vidin and Romania's Calafat would be inaugurated on May 9, the Day of...

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