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Vidin Should Become a center of the Beach Volleyball

Kamelia Krumova, information by sportal.bg, 22 March 2010

The head of the Bulgarian volleyball federation Mr. Dancho Lazarov met honorable citizens of Vidin in the conference room of the regional administration. The meeting is organized on initiative of the M.P. from Vidin – Mr. Vladimir Toshev, who is also a head of the volleyball club Bdin-Vida.

Vidin should become a centre of the beach volleyball in Bulgaria and should develop a school for mini volleyball for kids, said Lazarov. The Bulgarian Federation will supply the club with balls and nets. The federation will also organize a three day seminar for volleyball trainers in the town.

Except for that the federation will build two playgrounds for beach volleyball in Vidin. The town will also organize a volleyball festival.

The Bulgarian Volleyball Federation also presented the programs which start during the present year “Become a volley star” and the “Children and the stars on the volleyball ground.”


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