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The “Kaleto” Fortress in Vidin will become a tourism attraction

Vidin municipality expects a 20% increase in the number of tourists in the town, when th enwq project for reconstruction of “Kaleto” fortress is completed.
The local administration has already received approval for financing by the operation program “Regional development”, announced the mayor of Vidin – Roumen Vidov.

The project aims to transform the site into an attractive tourism destination. The culture-historical sightseeing which includes the preserved fortification walls of the Turkish kale, a ditch and the gates “Enichar” and “Florentin”. The ditch will be filled with water, where boats will float. The access to the fortress will be along a movable wooden bridge.

Animators will present moments of the history of Vidin from antiquity until today. Attractions and sports equipment will be constructed in the region between the Rowing base and the Baba Vida fortress.

The project includes the construction of amphitheater for plays and projections. Audio guide system will provide information on 6 languages.


Vidin Fri, 10 Apr 2020 08:04



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