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Information tables will be positioned at 22 tourism sights in Vidin region


A brand new tourism information centre will be opened at the old Turkish post office in Vidin on 22th October this year. The tourism centre will service guests and residents of the town according to the Danube strategy.
The renovation of the “Krastata Kazarma” museum and “Kaleto” will start next year. The main goal of the project is to recover and develop the culture and history sights part of the Vidin fortification system “Kaleto”, connecting the preserved fortification walls of the Turkish door with the adjoining ditch and the “Enichar” and “Florentin” gates.
Thus the fortification system will be transformed into a tourism attraction of local and national significance. The renovation of the building of the “Krastata Kazarma” (cross-shaped barracks) and the construction of the adjoining infrastructure will cost 1.75 million BGN. The project should be completed until July 2012.

Another tourism centre will open doors in “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarev” gymnasy in the town. It will present advertisement brochures and badges with sights from Vidin. Over 2000 books in English, Bulgarian and Italian will present the popular sites for hunting and fishing in Vidin region. They will be distributed in tourism centres, tour operators and institutions in Bulgaria and abroad.


Vidin Sun, 20 Sep 2020 07:09



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