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Vidin presents a "Jewel of the Northwest" at the Tourism Forum

tmbulgaria.com, 19.03.2011, 03:20 PM

Vidin Municipality will present the opportunities for cultural, historical and natural tourism at the forum under the motto “Treasures of the Northwest”. The town of Vidin will be promoted as a tourist destination with different types of tourism.

There will be over 90 guides from Bulgaria and representatives of travel companies all over the country. Local hoteliers and restaurateurs will present the local cuisine and folklore. Current brochures, maps and guides prepared by the Tourist Information Centre - Vidin will be distributed to guests during the visits at the tourist attractions.

The promotion of the destination at this forum will be realized with the cooperation of The Regional Historical Museum - Vidin, Ensemble for folklore songs and dances “Danube” and community centers from the municipality.


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