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Bulgarian-Romanian project revives the traditional crafts


The main focus of the pilot project "Dolj - Vidin" is to present all the traditional crafts of Vidin region and the Romanian town of Dolj.

The project plans to donate 2000 guides with information about crafts and tourist attractions to the embassies, partners of the Bulgarian Economic Forum, travel agencies.

7 countries and 16 organizations are involved in the project and will present their traditional crafts on exhibitions and conferences.

The final project meeting was held in the medieval fortress "Baba Vida".

The project developed a tourist route - Chiprovtsi, Belogradchik, Calafat, Craiova and Vidin.

The Bulgarian side project is implemented by the Bulgarian Economic Forum. Romanian partners are the National Institute for Study and Development of Tourism and National Institute for Research and Development URBANPROIECT.


Vidin Wed, 08 Apr 2020 07:04



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