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The Rabisha Lake – summer getaway for connoisseurs

General information: The Rabisha lake is situated around 40 km away from Vidin city in close proximity to the Rabisha village, nearby the famous “Magura” cave. The lake is huge, with oval shape and no branching or arms. The water in the lake comes from subsoil springs, coming from the cave.
The waters of the Rabisha Lake are mainly used for irrigation via pumps. During the warmer months of the year, the water level of the lake considerably lowers and attracts numerous fishermen. Typical...

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The Magura cave – mysticism in the womb of earth

There are numerous caves, opened for visitors in Bulgaria. All of them are unique and one of the kinds with its cave world, inhabitants, formations, flowers and sounds. I had the chance to visit some caves, but every time with huge groups, which kills huge part of the underground experience. However, not long ago I decided to visit to the Magura cave, which is situated in northwestern Bulgaria, 180 km away from Sofia and 35 km southwest of Vidin town, just 2 km away from Rabisha...

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The Charm of Vidin

Somewhere in the northwestern corner of Bulgaria, where the Danube River separates the country from its northern neighbour- Romania lies one of the most beautiful towns in Bulgaria – Vidin.

During the past fifteen years the town was somehow abandoned, as local people migrated to bigger cities or for foreign countries to look a better life. However this put a unique charm to local environment and the town has preserved its natural beauties. Thick green parks and picturesque alleys offer calm...

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Danubian Diaries – Vidin

Bulgaria is a small country and I have spent all my life here, I have traveled all over the country and still, I have the feeling that I haven’t seen it all. Not long ago northwestern Bulgaria was just a bare geographic idea for me. But so it happened that I found myself in Vidin. The occasion was the first sod of the Danube Bridge II.

I reached the town by car along the way from Sofia, not the way I have always wanted it to be – by boat along the Danube River from Vienna for example....

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Bulgaria Starts the Construction of Danube Bridge II

“13 May 2007 is a day with no way back…” Sergey Stanishev Prime minister of the Republic of Bulgaria

The groundbreaking ceremony of the construction of a second bridge over the Danube River between Bulgaria and Romania took place on Sunday, 13 May 2007 at the km 796 of the river in Vidin. The Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Bulgaria in cooperation with the executor of the project – the Spanish company “FCC” („Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas") organized the event.


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