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The Rabisha Lake – summer getaway for connoisseurs

Kamelia Krumova

General information: The Rabisha lake is situated around 40 km away from Vidin city in close proximity to the Rabisha village, nearby the famous “Magura” cave. The lake is huge, with oval shape and no branching or arms. The water in the lake comes from subsoil springs, coming from the cave.
The waters of the Rabisha Lake are mainly used for irrigation via pumps. During the warmer months of the year, the water level of the lake considerably lowers and attracts numerous fishermen. Typical for the lake is a permanent wind which often changes its direction. According to local fishermen the draught is better when the west wind blows and light drizzle.

Entertainment: The lake is an attractive site all year round. Whether you like fishing or just want to explore the wild nature – the Rabisha Lake will definitely charm you. The region around the Rabisha Lake is a preferred site for short holidays and weekend tourism.

We highly recommend you to visit the Rabisha lake in August when the official Rabisha holiday is held in the site. People form all over came in flocks for the local party.

Numerous tents are pitched on the bank of the lake, and nonstop wild outdoor parties are guaranteed.
Young families with small kids will entertain themselves in the crystal waters of the lake.
And there we will be again side by side by the warm flame of the camp fire. The fresh fish caught by the local fishermen will hiss in the live coals and will put a delicious fragrance in the air. Yet another glass of wine from the local cellar will be again far too much for us and we will get a little tight tipsy, but it all make us feel so happy, free and relaxed.
What does a man need? The crystal blue lake, hot party night by the fire and friends to share it with.

Nearby sights to visit: The Magura cave – exceptionally beautiful cave, that will leave you breathless and will chill you out for at least 2 hours. Take your time and explore the secret labyrinth beneath.

The Rabisha village: the small and cosy village will charm you with its friendly inhabitants, always ready to welcome you heartly and show you around. The nature is extremely picturesque and make sure you don’t miss to try the local specialties, prepared with organic products.

The Belogradchik rocks: just 10 minutes drive from Rabisha will take you to the extraordinary rock formations in Belogradchik resort.


Vidin Tue, 21 May 2024 19:05



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