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Vidin is situated in the Vidin Lowland by the Danube River in the Northwestern part of Bulgaria. It is about 190 km northwest from Sofia and 52 km north of Belogradchik.
Vidin is a border town with Romania – to the North and Serbia to the west.
The Danube River is a natural border between the town and Kalafat- Romanian town. Both towns are at the present moment connected by a Ferry. In 2009 the II Danube Bridge is expected to be complete n the region and thus will provide easy access between the two countries.

History: It is considered that a Thracian village existed in the region from the 3rd century BC. It was called Dunonia. It was further developed by the Romans and transformed into Bononia Fortress guarding the riverside border road, well known in Antiquity.
During the middle ages the town was known as Budin until the early 11th century, when it was called Bdin.
During the second half of the 14th century it was the capital of the Vidin Kingdom governed by Ivan Sratsimir.
Between 1794 and 1807 Vidin became the see of the Turkish military commander Osman Pazvatoglu, who declared himself an independent ruler of a considerable territory in Northwestern Bulgaria.
During this epoch sweeping construction works started in the town, many of them are still preserved.
After the liberation, the town radically altered its ethnic composition- the Turks left and many Bulgarians from the nearby settlements came into the town.
The town was a birthplace of Naitcho Tsanov, a politician and journalist; Mihalaki Georgiev- writer, Jule Paskin- a world famous artist, outstanding representative of Paris school of Art.
The eventful historical past of the town and the region and the great number of cultural and historical monument, preserved from various ages make it a frequent visited tourist centre.

Places to visit: Baba Vida Fortress (Babini Vidini Kuli)- is one of the most remarkable monuments of medieval architecture of residence and architectural character in Bulgaria right on the bank of the Danube river.
The Baba Vida Castle was built upon the foundations of the ancient fortress of Bononia, upon the ruins of a Thracian settlement in the early 1 century AD.
The original construction plan of the castle was not changed very much over the centuries. The Castle was built on an area of 9.5 acres, surrounded by a moat, 12 metre wide and 6 metre deep. The castle has got a nearly square shape, its angles pointing at the four geographical directions, each side about 70 metre long.
The final extension of the castle was accomplished by King Ivan Sratsimir.

“Kaleto” is a system of fortifying equipment on the land and the Danube River.
“Krastata Kazarma”- the building was built in 1798 in the place of the old palace of the pasture under the guidance of polish specialists for the needs of the janissary of Osman Pazvantoglu.
The mosque and the library of Pazvantoglu- which are independent complex build by the independent ruler in 1800.

Vidin offers numerous amusements for its guests depending on their wishes. The art lovers can enjoy the expositions in the art gallery. If you like theatre you can visit the dramatic theatre in the town. Kids will also be happy to enjoy the junior puppet theatre. If you are visiting Vidin during the summer you will subordinately have the chance to enjoy the sun and beaches on the bank of the Danube River where Baba Vida castle is situated. During the summer there is an open stage in the fortress where different musicians, ballet dancers and folklore dancers are performing.
If you prefer nosy and wild parties just visit some of the local discos.
During the hot summer days we recommend the open air water centre that was recently established in the northern suburbs of the town.
Trips on board of small ships along the Danube River are also organized upon demand.

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