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On the Vitosha Mountain again

Sofia city is located at the foothills of Vitosha Mountain and logically the natural park Vitosha is the most preferable site for tourism sports and recreation among the nature by the citizens and the guests of the capital. I also make some tracking tours, mountain bike adventures and photo outings on the slopes of the magnificent mountain, that’s why I often write short stories about the time I’ve spent there.

Last Sunday was one those calm sunny days which should be spent in the...

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Winter outing in Vitosha Mountain

The New Year came with a lot of snow and the mountains revealed their extreme cold beauty and their tempting dangerous charm. So I couldn’t resist and last weekend I went for a walk in Vitosha Mountain. I equipped myself as an Arctic explorer, because the weather was rather cold, I called a friend of mine, threw my camera bag over my shoulder and I left my sweet, snug home, making my way to the white covered, proudly standing Vitosha Mountain.

After half an hour my friend and I reached...

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A good time in Vitosha

Well… It was Sunday February morning and I was sitting in my kitchen, drinking my coffee, wondering what to do with my day off. While I was looking through my window I saw Vitosha Mountain and the thin mist that was rising up. The trees were covered with snow and I felt no more hesitation. I was going to spend this Sunday on Vitosha Mountain.

So I put my mountain equipment up I took my mountain bike and I made my way to the lift station of Dragalevtsi. Half an hour later I reached...

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