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General Info: 1800 m above sea level, Vitosha is only 10 km far from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. This is the highest ski resort of Bulgaria. The mountain is good for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. It is easily accessible both in the winter and in the summer but its weather is very changeable. In Vitosha there are two biosphere preserves - Bistrishko Branishte and Torfeno Branishte.
The highest peak of Vitosha is Cherni Vruh (2290 m). The main skiing area is just below it.

Sports and Landmarks: Vitosha also offers walls for rock climbing in its eastern part. The mountain is also popular with the longest cave in Bulgaria - Duhlata, which is 17.5 km long, sprawls on seven levels and through it run six underground rivers.
Vitosha is also famous for its rock formations, some of which have volcanic origin and others formed as a result of climate changes. The most popular formation is the stone rivers, or "moreni" at Zlatnite Mostove (The Golden Bridges).

Ski Runs: Vitosha offers excellent conditions for snow sports, with huge skiing areas and many slopes with powder. We would recommend it very much for skiing and boarding, but tourists will not find here the night life and apres ski of the bigger resorts in Bulgaria.
The ski runs of Vitosha are various and would be suitable for skiers and boarders of any level. Vitosha offers six ski runs with various difficulty and length - the green ski run being the easiest and the Vitoshko Lale the most difficult. There is also a trail for cross country skiing - Univerisada, 9600 m long. All ski runs have the necessary facilities. There are a number of chair and drag lifts, as well as a Gondola lift starting from the outskirts of Sofia and reaching almost the top of the mountain near Aleko.
The Aleko chalet offers skis for rent and highly qualified ski instructors. Over the weekends during the winter the area and the ski run near the Aleko chalet become overcrowded.

Ski Conditions: It starts to snow heavy in December and it is stable till late spring. The snow cover reaches 1.5 m. The duration of the skiing season is 120 days and the average temperature of the air is minus 6 ° C. There are good conditions for slalom and cross-country skiing, as well as for tours on foot throughout the mountain.
The mountain is picturesque and the its location is a good opportunity to get involved in the dynamic atmosphere of Sofia, to plunge into its history of thousands of years, to feel the pulse of its night life of the big city.

Where to Go: For guests with higher requirements we recommend the hotels in Simeonovo and Dragalevtsi area of Sofia, which have better facilities and offer very reasonable prices. Ski rents are available near the runs or in the hotels.
Apart from the ski runs, Vitosha offers a variety of hiking trails, most of which are accessible throughout the winter as well. One of the most popular is the trail, which starts from the Aleko chalet, winds through the plateau and ends at Zlatnite Mostove. The most popular hiking trails are marked by iron poles, which can be seen even in the winter. Along the trails there are resting sites and chalets. Vitosha is easily accessible by car or bus from Sofia, with several public transport lines going to different places in the mountain.

Photos from Vitosha


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