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Vratsa Plans to create a Recreational Park in Ledenika Cave in Bulgaria

Sofia News Agency

Vratsa city announced a project for the construction a recreational part in the Ledenika Cave, estimated to cost BGN 5.3 M

The project is funded by the Regional Development Operational Programme within the framework of a strategy for developing tourist attractions in the region.

The recreational park will consist of separate thematic units, with light and music themes within the different halls of the cave.

Shows will include images projected in the cave lake, a volcano simulation, as well as music played in the so-called Concert Hall.

Another unit of the park will give tourists important information about Ledenika - one of Bulgaria's most popular and spectacular caves.

A small tourist train line is set to join the entrance of the cave with the informational Natura 2000 center nearby Vratsa.

The project is expected to be completed within 2 years.

Ledenika is located 16 km off Vratsa in the Western Stara Planina Range. With a length of some 300 m, it includes 10 separate halls and countless karst formations.



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