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Location: Yakoruda is a small mountain town huddled among the Rodope and Rila Mountains, along the upper stream of Mesta River. The town is situated 150 km south of Sofia and 80 km east of the regional centre, Blagoevgrad.

History: Yakoruda is an ancient settlement. There are archeological remains of Thracian chapel near the town. One of the main Roman roads, Via Egnatia, crossed the region of Yakoruda in the antiquity. Yakoruda was mentioned for the first time in the chronicles of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. During the time of the Turkish slavery the settlement was part of the estates of Kara Mustafa Prince and the town was free of some taxes. In the middle of 17th century, Yakoruda was the biggest settlement in the region. In 1660 the Bulgarian population of the Rodope Mountains was forced to accept the Islam as an official religion. The citizens of Yakoruda put up a ferocious resistance. The town was burned and most of its population was slaughtered.

Yakoruda started its awakening after the devastating bloodshed, during the time of the National Revival. The stock breeding and tar producing were the main occupation of the population. The citizens of Yacoruda took part in the National Liberation Movement. After the Liberation in 1878, the town left in the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire and it was free on the 7th of October 1912, during the time of the First Balkan War.

Sightseeing: Yakoruda is a lovely mountain town, surrounded by an incredible nature. There are many hotels, and guest houses and the region offers perfect year round tourism conditions. There are several medieval fortresses and many natural landmarks like the Yakoruda circus and Yakoryda lakes, near the town, which worth to be visited.



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