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2011/06/09 11:38:15

Yambol to hosts Congress of the Federation of European Carnaval Cities in 2013

ХХХІІІ Congress of the Federation of European Carnaval Cities 2013 to be held in Yambol.

It was discussed during the “Kukerlandiya” masquerade festival by the president of the federation Henry van der Kroon and the mayor of the town of Yambol, George Slavov.

Yambol become a FECC member after the promotion of Kukerlandiya which already has an international participation....

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2011/05/05 17:51:30

Moto Fest “Bakadjik” 2011 near Yambol

For the twelfth time Moto Club Red Riders MC organized the traditional Moto Fest “Bakadjik”. The event will be held in the area Bakadjik near Yambol on 06 – 08 May 2011.

Part of the events are Stunt Bike Show and Drag Rase. Competition between stunt men in “Tenevo” track will start at 01:00 PM on May, 7.

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Bulgarian Archeologists Uncover Trojan War Burial Sites

A burial site with three funeral mounds is researched by Bulgarian archeologists near the southern city of Yambol.

The site is located in an area known as “Baalar Kayryak” in the vicinity of the village of Boyanovo.

In one of the mounds, where the excavations are near conclusion, the archeologists have uncovered four burials from the late bronze age, around the time of the Trojan War, 1 300 BC.

The other 8 burials in the area are even older – about 2 500 BC. In the second mound, the...

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Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Silver Treasure in Thracian Tomb

A team of Bulgarian archaeologists have discovered a new tomb of an aristocrat from Ancient Thrace near the southern town of Nova Zagora.

The team led by archaeologist Veselin Ignatov found a burial tomb of 12 square meters date back to the end of 1st century and beginning of 2nd century AD. It is located outside of the village of Karanovo.

The burial site of the Thracian aristocrat contains a number of interesting items including a silver treasure of vessels and artifacts that were place...

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Karanovo Burial Mound to Be Open for Tourists

Nikolay Grozev, mayor of the southeastern Bulgarian town of Nova Zagora, insists before the Ministry of Culture that the unique Karanovo tell (burial mound) should be open for tourists.
The idea aims at turning the archaeological site into a cultural tourism center. The Karanovo tell is the biggest of the kind in Europe.
It consists of seven archaeological layers formed over the centuries. The oldest of them dates back from 7000 BC. At present, the unique find is accessible to researchers,...

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Bulgarian Archeologists Unearth 1900-Year-Old Thracian Chariot

A team of Bulgarian archeologists has discovered a unique, fully preserved four-wheeled Thracian chariot, which is more than 1900 years old.

The discovery was made close to the village of Borisovo, Yambol District in southeast Bulgaria by a team of the Archeological Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The expedition is led by the leading Bulgarian archeologist Daniela Agre. The chariot is unique because it is the only one found in Bulgaria in the very way the ancient...

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Golf Resort Complex for EUR 500 M to Be Built in Bulgaria's Straldzha

A new golf and resort complex for EUR 500 M called "Wild Rose" will be constructed close to the town of Straldzha in southeast Bugaria.

The huge resort complex will be able to accommodate about 20 000 visitors. According to the investor Solas Nua Ltd from the UK, Wild Rose would be the largest entertainment resort in Bulgaria.

The complex will include two golf courses with 18 holes each, two other smaller golf courses, a sports center with a track, tennis courts, soccer fields, swimming...

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Golf resort project unveiled for Straldja area

A British citizen has secured the approval of the local municipal authorities for the construction of two golf courses in the village of Aleksandrovo, South-eastern Bulgaria.

The project will be implemented by Solas Nua Aleksandrovo, a company wholly-owned by one Sharon Smith.
The 250-300 mln euro investment will be deployed in annual increments of some 20 mln euro or so over the next decade, said Valentina Marinova, chairperson of the city council in Straldja, the municipality that has...

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Arceologist in Bulgaria Came Upon Ancient Labyrinth

The archaeological expedition Strandzha discovered a labyrinth, similar to the famous labyrinth on the island of Crete.

The discovery was made near the village of Golyam Derven, close to the Bulgarian-Turkish border.

Archaeologists also found a skeleton of a ruler in the labyrinth, BGNES news agency reported.

Among the finds in the labyrinth were abundantly ornamented ceramics artifacts with unknown so far elements and bird figures.

This is the second unique discovery that the...

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Unique Thracian Symbol of Royalty Discovered in Bulgaria

Archaeologists have discovered the most ancient ruler's symbol on Bulgarian territory, what was once the kingdom of the Thracian tribes.

The Bulgarian archaeologists Daniela Agre and Deyan Dichev, who are leading the Strandzha expedition, made the announcement for the exceptional finding on the Bulgarian National Radio on Monday.

The artifact was unearthed near the village of Golyam Dervent. Dichev and Agre were researching a dolmen (dolmens were the first Thracian tombs) when they...

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