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Zlatograd is situated in the most southern part of Bulgaria in the Easterrn part of the Rodopi Mountain. It is just 50 km south of Smolyan and 300 km away from Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria. Varbitsa River picturesquely passes through the centre of the town.
History: The town of Zlatograd has preserved numerous architectural and cultural monuments from XVIII – XIXth century.
The architectural reserve of Zlatograd has preserved numerous old Rodopian houses with eaves and wells in the inner yards, fenced by oak heaps. The chapels “st. Atatnas”, “St. Nedelya”, “St. Iliya” and “St. Constantine and Helena” are situated on the nearby hilss, that surround the town. Zlatograd Dam is situated just 3 km away from the town and it is a favourite site for all fishermen.
Today Zlatograd is a beautiful town that has preserved the charm of the traditions of the Bulgarian Revival Period. Numerous hotels, restaurants and private houses offer comfort for all tourists and travelers.

Photos from Zlatograd


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