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Location: Panichishte resort is 1,350 meters above the sea level and lies right on the border of Rila National Park. The natural beauty of the North-western part of Rila is breathtaking. It is located in Rila mountain, near the town of Separeva Banya (also a spa resort), and not very far from the town of Dupnitsa. This is not only a ski resort, but also a sports and recreation centre for various sports. Some of the most varied ski facilities can be found here! It is also one of the most inexpensive ski resorts in Bulgaria.

The resort offers the following pistes:
Bekyara: length of 470 m, equipped with a tow rope with a capacity of 280 people per hour. Base located directly across from Restaurant Elenite.
Ajdena: ski slope of 400 m and tow rope with a capacity of 250 people per hour. It also includes the children's "Baby Ski Run".
Cross-Country track: located just below the Dry Lake training area. This run will soon be equipped with shooting platforms for biathlon training.
Near Pionerska Hut: 400 m. ski run with tow rope with capacity of 350 people hour capacity. Also includes a sledding run of 1130 m.
Near 7 Lakes Hut: 300 meter ski run with a tow-bar drag with capacity of 250 people per hour capacity.
Near Rila Lakes Hut: 950 meter ski run with a tow-bar drag with 700 people/hour capacity.
Ski equipment rentals as well as tuition by qualified ski instructors are available at the resort.
In the near future a 2-chair lift will start operating from Pionerska chalet to Rila lakes hut, with total length of 2200 m and capacity of 960 persons per hour.
The Panichishte Resort offers optimal conditions for physical training in all varieties of sport (1300m. - 1600m. Altitude above the sea level)
There are Alpine ski-tracks for sleigh contests.
Football, volley ball, basketball and other teams, can take advantage of the beautiful terrain of the "Dry lake" training area. Competitors in swimming and tennis can use the swimming pools and tennis courts of the local hotels.

The Rila National Park Visitor’s Centre in the Panichishte Resort was created with funding from the PHARE Program of the European Union under the direction of the Ministry of Environment and Water. It is patterned after some of the most famous centres found in reserves and national parks around the world. It is the first such park centre created in Bulgaria.
As Panichishte is the largest natural gate to the heart of Rila Mountain there is no doubt that, here the visitors’ centre is on the right spot. Many of the most popular hiking trails on Rila start or pass through Panichishte. Trails to the Seven Lakes, Skakavica Reserve and Waterfall, Malyovitsa, Borovets and the most spiritual and cultural monument in Bulgaria- the Rila Monastery.

The focus of the visitor's centre is to offer visitors all the information they may require concerning National Park Rila. It also serves to acquaint visitors with the rich variety of plant and animal species that live on the mountain through educational materials, programs and events connected to the natural environment. The centre also helps to promote ecologically sensitive tourism and awareness of activities within the park boundaries.
The centre was designed to attractively fit its location and blend with the natural silhouette of the mountain.
At the Rila National Park Visitor’s Centre you can arrange discussions concerning the local flora and fauna, watch films, find necessary information regarding tourism trails on Rila, organize mountain guides, make reservations or simply have a coffee or tea on the terrace cafe. Maps, postcards, souvenirs, film and toiletries can be purchased in the small store on the first floor. Newspapers and magazines are also available here. The visitor's centre is simply the heart of Panichishte and should not be missed!

Photos from Panichishte


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